Upper Black Eddy is


  Upper Black Eddy is an eclectic rock band with a multitude of influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Santana to modern groups such as Incubus and Kings of Leon. Originally forged on the streets of Chicago, sole member and street performer, Adrian Davis, has epitomized pure electrifying musicianship in its purest form; live performance. Effortlessly able to assemble large crowds on the street, the young talent has built a vast network in the metropolitan area, as well as internationally.

"While in a sour mood, I was overtaken by the sheer talent of guitarist, Adrian Davis, working with acid rock/jazz themes on a loop. Finding that kind of talent in an unexpected place is always mind-blowing, but I didn't expect to part with a couple of bucks and a few very cathartic tears. Without a doubt, he's worth missing your train.”

— Lorna Juett, The Chicagoist